31st July 2021

Art in the Café: June & July 2021



“For the past decade we have worked mainly with canvas and paint, but for the last five years we have discovered the joy of printmaking.

Working mainly from home we produce intricately designed original lino prints and greetings cards, in both colour and monochrome.

Our prints hopefully reflect our real love of nature and the joyous pleasure it gives us on a daily basis. From our faithful Rollaco etching press we produce what we hope are timeless images which will grace any home. In our quiet time we also take our smaller etching press (Pete) out into communities to give folks a taste of printmaking at linocut workshops. We are passionate about giving people both young and old the opportunity to try something a little different.

We hope you get as much enjoyment from our work as we do from creating it.” – Helen & Alan Holcroft


To purchase any of the prints in the Café, please enquire at Reception.

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