31st October 2021

Carol Yates

1st – 31st October

Carol has always been creative, so was naturally drawn to drawing, writing, and making things in her early years. She studied art at school but hadn’t painted in earnest until approximately 10 years ago, when she was inspired to pick up her paintbrushes again.

In those early days, Carol practised with watercolour, experimenting with colour and brush techniques. She started to reflect on her school days, recalling how much she enjoyed working with soft pastels, so she bought a set and renewed her love for this medium.

Since starting to paint again, Carol views the world around her very differently, noticing colours, shadow, shapes, light and textures so much more than she used to, and imagines the pleasure of re-creating the subject; that’s what inspires her to paint.

Carol’s work to date has mainly focused on wildlife, but she enjoys learning and trying new things; as such, she is venturing into still life, flowers, and     landscapes.

Carol lives in the Yorkshire Dales, so considers herself lucky to be surrounded by natural beauty and stunning scenery for inspiration.

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